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Jim Connolly`s Eracon Workshop - A must see


ERACON Murcia, Workshop 10 - Thursday 10th May (12:20 - 13:00)

Jim Connolly's ERACON workshop explores ways of supporting teachers in the challenge of adapting their teaching approach for internationalising HEI.

CLIL is an approach to teaching that promotes learner autonomy and is ideally suited to 21st century HEI.

Because CLIL integrates subject learning with English language learning, there is an added emphasis on students processing and expressing their subject learning in the second language, usually English.

In English Mediated Instruction, students learn the language terminology of the subject, they use language to express their ideas about the subject concepts, and they acquire academic language that they can use across the curriculum in their academic and professional careers.

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Teachers who use CLIL need to adapt their methodology, by devolving responsibility for learning to the students, engaging and entrusting their students with the content of their subjects. The learning outcomes are very positive.

But change involves risk, and teachers need support in accepting the EMI challenge.Erasmus+ Class-1


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Picture of Jim Connolly Erasmus+ Academic coordinator
Jim Connolly Erasmus+ Academic coordinator

Jim has been teaching English at Atlantic since 2013. He brings enthusiasm and energy to his classes and likes to get learners thinking, moving, and..

Date: 30 April 2018
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